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Clover Knitting Needle Guage
Our Price: AUD $4.85  
Birch Knitters Needle Kit
Our Price: AUD $9.00  
Birch Universal Row Counter
Our Price: AUD $2.65  
Magnifying View Stick
Our Price: AUD $8.50  
Glass Seed Beads
Our Price: AUD $2.20  
Pattern Line Marker
Our Price: AUD $17.50  
Denise Knitting Organisers
Our Price: AUD $80.00  
Niddy Noddy
Our Price: AUD $27.50  
Ball Winder
Our Price: AUD $64.50  
Skein Holder
Our Price: AUD $74.50  
Denise Companion Sets
Our Price: AUD $25.00  
Denise Extender and end button sets
Our Price: AUD $8.00  
Wooden Umbrella Swift
Our Price: AUD $160.00  
Knitting Needle Cases
Our Price: AUD $25.00  
Circular Needle Cases
Our Price: AUD $18.00  
Felt Notions Bag
Our Price: AUD $10.50  
Recycled Silk Patterns
Our Price: AUD $6.50  
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