Cloth Nappy Care

Cloth nappies are very simple to care for. We recommend the use of fleece liners in our trim and daytime ranges to assist with the easy removal of solid waste into the toilet. Then pop the liner and the nappy into a dry bucket. (Known as dry-pailing)
Wash the nappies in the machine on your normal cycle, using approximately a quarter of your usual detergent or less. You can wash on hot, but in some front-loading machines the hot water may contribute to shortening the lifespan of the elastic in the nappies.
Either line-dry or tumble-dry (on warm, not hot) your nappies Giving nappies a good line dry in the sun will remove stains and effectively disinfect your nappies.
Donít forget to fold back the laundry tabs on your nappies before you wash, as this will prevent the touchtape from sticking to everything.