Wool Care

Looking after your wool covers is easy. Your covers have already been washed and sprayed with lanolin when you receive them, meaning they are able to be used immediately. When you have used your cover, hang it inside out in your house to air. It can be re-used without washing, even if it is a little damp.

When it starts to smell a bit, or gets dirty, then you can wash it. Warm hand wash with a little bit of wool wash is the best way. Avoid scrubbing, or rubbing your wool as this may cause it to shrink and lose itís stretch. Lay flat to dry in the shade.

After washing you may need to relanolise your cover in order to restore itís water resistant abilities. This can be simply done by dissolving a pea-sized amount of lanolin (Lansinoh is easy to find at the chemist) into a cup of hot water, then add enough warm water until the temperature is about 40degrees C. Then add your cover, gently squeeze the lanolin water through, and soak for an hour or more. Gently squeeze the majority of the water out of your cover and roll it up in an old towel to help dry it. Then lay flat to finish drying.

The lanolising process should only need to be done once every few months.

You can also buy scented spray lanolin from various online stores Ė refer to our main brochure for links.